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You Can't Always Treat An Ingrown Toenail Yourself

In many cases, an ingrown toenail can be easily clipped away before it becomes a problem. But you can’t always treat an ingrown toenail on your own—you may need an experienced podiatrist to remove it to ensure the ongoing safety and good health of your feet. Find out how a foot doctor at Big Sky Foot and Ankle Institute in Butte and Bozeman, MT can help.

What Is an Ingrown Toenail?
An ingrown toenail is one that points into the surface of the skin instead of growing above the skin’s surface. This most commonly happens at the edges of the nail bed. It can be an easy issue to correct—simply soak the foot to help release the nail and then clip it off. But in some cases, the nail cuts into the skin and is more difficult to remove. Whenever there’s a wound, there’s a risk of infection, which may have to be treated by a medical professional if it doesn’t heal properly.

When You Can’t Treat an Ingrown Toenail Yourself
It’s important to use sterile tools and careful techniques to remove some ingrown toenails, which is why it’s best to leave it to your Butte and Bozeman, MT podiatrist. This is especially true for diabetic patients who may have problems with wounds in their lower extremities. A foot doctor can carefully remove the nail and treat the infection.

Professional Treatments for an Ingrown Toenail
One of the most common causes of ingrown toenails is cutting the nails too short. Regular visits to a podiatrist for trimmings will reduce this risk. If a toenail is already piercing the skin, your foot doctor can do minor surgery to remove it from the root, treat it for infection with antibiotics, and wrap it for healing.

Taking Care of Your Feet
Sometimes you have to get help from a doctor for even a relatively minor foot issue like an ingrown toenail. Talk to a podiatrist at Big Sky Foot and Ankle Institute in Butte or Bozeman, MT if you are dealing with an ingrown toenail. Call (406) 782-2278 for an appointment with Dr. Dallin Greene or Dr. Nathan Judd.