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April 23, 2019
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How your podiatrists in Bozeman, MT, can help your ingrown toenail

If you have an ingrown toenail, it’s easy to think you can just take care of it yourself—however, it's sometimes inevitable that you will need ingrown-toenaila little help from your foot doctor. Drs. Dallin Greene and Nathan Judd at Big Sky Foot & Ankle Institute offer a full range of foot and ankle services including ingrown toenail treatment to help your toes heal. With two convenient office locations in Bozeman and Butte, MT, Drs. Greene and Judd are here to help!


More about Ingrown Toenails

So, how do you know if you have an ingrown toenail? Well, you will generally experience pain, pressure, and throbbing in your toe. Your toe will also look swollen and dark.

However, you can do a lot to prevent ingrown toenails. Remember to:

  • Avoid cutting your toenails too short
  • Always cut your toenails straight across, with no rounded corners
  • Wear protective shoes appropriate to the activity you are doing
  • Wear shoes with plenty of room for your toes

If you do develop an ingrown toenail, try these tips at home to help heal your toe:

  • Soak your toe in warm water several times during the day
  • Place dental floss under your toenail to push it up out of your skin
  • Apply antibiotic cream underneath your nail to reduce infection
  • Cushion your toe with cotton or bandages
  • Wear open shoes or sandals until your toe heals
  • Take over-the-counter pain medications like Tylenol or Advil

For stubborn ingrown toenails, you need a little help from your foot doctor. At Big Sky Foot & Ankle Institute, your podiatrists may recommend:

  • Lifting and separating your toenail from the skin around it so as to free the nail
  • Trimming off the ingrown part of your toenail so that your toenail will grow normally
  • Removing your toenail entirely so a new, healthy toe will grow in its place


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