By Big Sky Foot and Ankle Institute
February 15, 2021
Category: Foot Condition
Tags: Ankle Pain  

Ankle pain can affect your mobility by making it uncomfortable and difficult to stand or walk. A common cause of ankle pain is a sprain, but several other factors can lead to ankle pain as well. You should not ignore ankle pain. The ankle might not heal properly without treatment, which could lead to chronic pain and instability. Dr. Dallin Greene and Dr. Nathan Judd, the skilled foot doctors at Big Sky Foot and Ankle Institute in Bozeman, Anaconda, and Butte, MT, can diagnose the cause of your ankle pain and develop a treatment plan to alleviate pain and help your ankle heal.

Causes of Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can be due to a number of causes, such as an old injury that never healed properly. It is important to see one of the knowledgeable foot doctors at our office in Bozeman for an accurate diagnosis of the cause so you can receive the right treatment to help your ankle heal. Some common causes of ankle pain include:

  • Sprains or fractures
  • Arthritis or osteoarthritis
  • Achilles tendon injury
  • Peroneal tendon injury
  • Talar dome lesion
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • Ankle instability
  • Gout

Treatment Options

Ankle pain can be associated with many different symptoms, including tenderness, swelling, stiffness, and instability. Without treatment, these symptoms can become worse and lead to additional foot problems. Some ankle injuries, such as a sprain, can be treated by resting, icing, and elevating the foot. Immobilization with a cast or brace, can also be helpful. Anti-inflammatory medications can alleviate pain and swelling.

Another treatment option is physical therapy, which can strengthen the ankle joint, improve mobility, and reduce instability. Severe ankle injuries or chronic pain are sometimes best treated through surgery. Our experienced podiatrists can recommend a specific treatment plan for you based on the cause and severity of your ankle injury, as well as other factors.

Don’t ignore your ankle pain. Without treatment, the pain could worsen and your ankle might not heal properly. Dr. Greene or Dr. Judd can help. To schedule an appointment with one of our foot doctors, call Big Sky Foot and Ankle Institute in Bozeman, MT, at (406) 782-2278. We have office locations in Butte and Anaconda, as well. Call (406) 782-2278.